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Market Day Castelnouvo

sunny 27 °C
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There's nothing like a good market abroad to show you what you are missing at home.
We found a wonderful coffee machine that is ornate and practical.
Plus the more usual items such as BRA's yes, thats right, BRA's
Kath decided that she liked one of the BRA's on display and of course had to choose the correct size...
Of course Europe uses CM's, UK sizes are in inches, so i have to intervene to calculate the correct size in metric!
So, picture this, Kath chooses the BRA, Nino has to explain it to the guy selling them.
Then once that part - which wasn't at all embarrassing - much - we then engaged a conversation where cup size was discussed
oh dear!!!
the upshot was that Kath tried it on - in public, in a busy market....
thankfully, it was over her existing clothing but still must have looked at right treat
chalk up another one for the mad english woman.

The afternoon however was more normal, visiting relatives, eating lovely foods, drinking the vino
my aunt remembers Kath as she poured her a completely full tumbler of wine, at which my uncle uttered something i didn't understand with my aunt responding with, she doesn't have to drink it all!
Kath however, recalled that its rude to not finish a drink in Italy - although she forgot i admitted it was a wind up when i told her that gesture.

So , comical morning, interesting afternoon, what would happen in the evening?
would it transpire to be uneventful, well the answer would have to be NO

We decide to visit the neighbours, they are a lovely couple from Ireland and very good friends of my parents
Having never met them but heard lots about them we decided to introduce ourselves to them.
So off we go and knock on the door, we are greeted by a very tall person and i state in a full voice, hello, you must be Rodney!
to which SHE answered - no Rodney is out, i'm Fiona
OH! foot in mouth syndrome and for once it wasn't Kath
After some very poor backtracking we still managed to leave there with two bottles of Leffe beer
That said she is a very nice lady and i hope we haven't aliened them

Back home and Kath rustles up a fantastic sausage pasta salad with extra garlic beans
I was outside chatting with the locals the entire village must have been intoxicated with garlic, but it didn't seem to bother anyone here, as you would expect....

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