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The long haul

No more glorious mountains

all seasons in one day 17 °C

Driving through all the mountains both in Italy and Switzerland you realize how insignificant you are in this wonderful world. Driving through the night as we had such a long wait to go through the Gottard tunnel.. came out of Switzerland and into Germany.. Nino got the welcome message on his phone but I didn't, a bit of a conspiracy going on here.."I Want my welcome messages !!!?" as it's better than a stamp on my passport, which incedently we have not needed.

This is now a long treck back to the UK with uninspiring territory, with a few stops at some rest points and 40 winks we should be well on our way home by lunch time tomorrow.
Currently in Luxembourg heading towards Belgium xx??

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sunny 17 °C
View Start of our Journey..traveling to Folkstone to get the ferry over the France! then onto Belgium on Ni-Kath-travels's travel map.

Valley of the seven castles!
Glad we're out of Belgium. . None of them know how to drive?
Sooo. We had a driver swap. Sterling kath is behind the wheel.
within 10 minutes. We have tyres squealing round a roundabout. Thankfully the correct way.
2 minutes later. We are tailgating the natives who are abiding the speed limit...accompanied by "its my road" so as the supportive husband I have to lean out of the car and gesticulate her sentiments to the other driver and reinforce the message with some traditionaly British colourful adjectives.
Meanwhile this causes kath to burst into laughter and swerve across the lanes.....
Chanting.... "I'm a tax payer"
I think they now know WHO owns the road.
Successful cultural interaction
Is it my turn to drive yet???

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