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Home sweet home

overcast 17 °C

Made it home in one piece, unloaded the car, went and got Tess, and unpacked....
The car is now back up high on its suspension and we have taken stock of the items that the poor little Citroen had managed to haul back to the UK!

Looking forward to collating the photos from the cameras and phones all together and deciding which to keep and upload.
This blog has made it worthwhile for us to reflect on what we have done and keep a record.
We hope it has also been interesting for all who have followed

until next time, bon voyage

Ni and Kath

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Euro Tunnel Folkstone

Waiting to board the shuttle to France!

sunny 12 °C

I am NOT an early morning person by any stretch of the imagination Yawn Yawn Yawn Z zzzz.. and then there is Nino! buzzing around like a Bee waiting for the honey ! In our case, to get on the shuttle.

Will update more when we get to our destination Strasbourg!

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18 Hours to go!

This Time tomorrow we will be in France

sunny 7 °C

Now have the currency and annoyed all the customers in the bank behind us.. Some people are just so impatient.. Don't they know we were sorting out our spends for our holiday... Some people eh!

That done we went and bought an amazing little tent.... which when opened pops up instantly! ! Quicker than you can blink! !
So now if caught short for accommodation we're all sorted.
So bags all packed
Got currency
Got tent
Alarm set and one more sleep. . Well half a-sleep! ! (and I will be)

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All packed and ready to go!

Never knew I could be this organised...Scary....I am normally a last minute kinda girl. ..


Spent yesterday packing, and did all Nino's ironing all 20 T.Shirts, 10 shirts & the 3 pairs of trousers....phew.. My iron has never seen so much action, s'pose I need to make an effort, in my mind they're all gonna get creased in the suitcase anyway.

Need to nip out and get a tent today just in case we do end up sleeping under the star's ( Just a little one will do).

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Departure day set!

Leave @ 4am to catch shuttle 24th (Sunday morning)

View Start of our Journey..traveling to Folkstone to get the ferry over the France! then onto Belgium on Ni-Kath-travels's travel map.

Getting excited about our road trip now, was trying to book our over night stays yesterday in Belgium, Switzerland & Stresa but with much deliberation we have decided to wing it and see what happens.

"Be prepared sweetheart, to sleep under the star's!"

Was initially looking at Hostels but they are so diverse in their ratings I couldn't make up my mind and they wanted us to book in advance, (for those who know me, know that I am no planner!) although we have or should I say Nino has planned an itinerary, we cannot be sure we'll end up on the right day in the right place. . So I say "live by the Seat of your Pants and just go with it"!
This is gonna be interesting. ?

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What the hell to take!!!!!

semi-overcast 16 °C
View Start of our Journey..traveling to Folkstone to get the ferry over the France! then onto Belgium on Ni-Kath-travels's travel map.

Planning for Road Trip!

"Always hate this part as i never know what to take"..

Do I take Jumpers, Jeans or do I take Skirts and Dresses?" never know!! maybe a bit of every thing should do it!!

Ticking off check list..

Passports / E-hic, Money well.. Euros

DEFINITELY Insect Repellant..A MUST!! I am like a walking Buffet as far as insects and anything else is concerned !!! (Be warned Creepy Crawly's I am armed!!)

Waterproofs (you never know)

(Just looked at weather report 20 c +) so now I think that dresses, shorts and skirts & t.shirts might be the order of the days ahead for Nino Definitely Shorts Mmmm although he has got the legs for a skirt...only joking hun!!
Checking the crossing prices although Sunday and Monday are looking more favorable.

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